Past Lives

Get rid of past lives memories and ties

In person – 1h – $120

You have strange fears you can’t explain or feel you already “lived” in another country but haven’t visited it yet?

Past lives are living memories that follows us lives after lives. Most of the time they are silent, but some more traumatic can rise up and have impacts on our present life.

These past and unsolved wounds may have a huge impact, lowering down your vibration and awakening negative emotions that arent’t yours anymore.

Mixing energy healing and coaching, I can help you reconnect to these past lives and solve related wounds. 

You will experience immediate relief, and many describe the process as something profoundly relieving
that one must experience at least once in his life

Some examples of negative past lives memories

– You’re trying to stop smoking, but something you can’t figure out strops you from it
– You’re deeply afraid to die in a car accident, but you never had one yet
– You’re afraid of dark spaces, but never had bad experiences
– Witches and pyres stories gives you goose bumps and fear
– You can’t stand one particular person, even though you haven’t spoke to her, or she did nothing wrong to you yet
– You’re trying to “cut the ties” with someone and move forward, but something keeps bringing you back to her
– You’re unable to access a deep / intimacy connexion with someone