Who is Farendole?

Behind Farendole, there is Catherine!

I first heard “voices” during a personal development seminar. I first thought I was crasy, or that they were a speaker hiden somewhere. But voices came back few times after then, leading me to figure out that something was going on, and that I needed to learn more about it. Since then, invisible became an indubitable part of my life.

My mission with that website is to share tools and knowledge I gathered over the years, aswering some of your questions, and making your path more enjoyable.

And I aim to keep it SIMPLE!

This webiste provides diffent tools, classes and informations about initiations and healing processes I offer.

May that be useful! I’ll be more than happy if this helps you in any way while discovering that amazing world that is the invisible!

Coming soon, osteopathy services

Following an old dream, I finally registered to an osteopathy  training. I’ll be soon able to take my first patients for this kind of treatments, helping you discover the amazing body capacities of self-healing!

Catherine, alias Farendole