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Connecting to the invisible world and our inner power
An unforgettable experience

I’ve been working with the invisible for a long time now. Connecting to your inner self and power is something you are drawn to unconciously. My understanding of the invisible allows me to help you through this wonderful process of self discovery.

May this web site help you, making your path easier, answering questions, and opening new doors.Shine the light and unleash your own power!


Individual Coaching - Life Path and Invisible World


Helped by your soul, I’m guiding you through your self discovery journey.

The healing powers of REIKI energy

Self healing

Discover the incredible healing powers of REIKI energy

Past Lives - How to Break Free

Past lives

May they be past lives, they still affect the present. I can help you break free


Farendole Events

On June 21th, I organized a dating event for connected singles.
I may organise another one, so if you’re interested to stay informed, r
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Discovering the invisible, one short video at the time

Invisible is wide and full of discovery, and everybody learns to discover it a its own pace. In order to help you enjoy the run, I am recording short 2 to 4 mins videos about many different aspects of it.

To incarnate oneself in the past: how does the timeline works? (FR)

How to free oneself from entities (FR)

The 12 main chakras and their specific roles (FR)


Out of the box thoughts - Let's see beyong

I something take the pen and write down learnings and life thoughts. May they be of some help or guidance!

The fear of being wrong

The fear of being wrong We all do mistakes… But for many of us, “owning” that fact is really hard, are we so afraid of being wrong. Fear is probably one of the biggest life’s obstacles to emotional and physical wellbeing. Fear to do mistakes, fear of being wrong, not enough, unworthy, misinterpreted… It leads […]

The Toolbox

The toolbox We judge, we all do. We judge people who say things we wouldn’t, that do things we wouldn’t, who love things we don’t, buy things we find unworthy… We don’t understand why they say nor do so. We think they are wrong, leading us to think they are uneducated people or worse, bad […]

The beauty of difference

The Beauty of Difference Seeing beauty, rejecting hatred and fear, opening to difference The numerous attacks around the world have huge effects on our mind, nurturing hate, fear, rejection, withdrawn and barriers… And those barriers, lead to more misunderstandings, rejection and hate… Time has come for us to reconnect to the beauty of the difference […]


What people have to way about my work

Catherine is an awesome coach. She gives us the power to finally be ourselves and move foward.

Isabella Rauscher

Isabella Rauscher


Catherine… She is an amazing facilitator and really helped me with my personnal issues. I highly recommand her.

Dennis Noonan

Dennis Noonan

Professor Sprouts, United States

J’ai choisi Catherine parce qu’elle est perspicace, très chaleureuse et a beaucoup d’empathie : je sens que je peux lui dire tout ce que j’ai sur le cœur sans jamais être jugée. Elle m’a aidée à voir mes problèmes d’un point de vue différent et à trouver des solutions concrètes pour les régler.

Claudia Cercel M

Claudia Cercel M