The beauty of difference

The beauty of difference

The Beauty of Difference

Seeing beauty, rejecting hatred and fear, opening to difference

The numerous attacks around the world have huge effects on our mind, nurturing hate, fear, rejection, withdrawn and barriers…

And those barriers, lead to more misunderstandings, rejection and hate…

Time has come for us to reconnect to the beauty of the difference and to all its benefits. Since a long time ago, the Human choose to divide society: Blacks vs Whites, First citizens vs Immigrants… Reasons to “divide”, “judge others”, “fear” the “unknown” (or should I say “misunderstood”) are quite easy to find…

Yet… There are so many ways to cook rice, that it’s while tasting other receipies that we discover the infinite possibilities. And as we take a bit of each possibilities, we create amazing rice. Difference allows Complementarity. Difference allows Diversity. Difference allows Evolution. Without difference, we would all be the same, having all the same tastes, watching the same single TV chanel, eating the same single chicken receipe, wearing all the only one model of pants available in the single shop brand.

I do not compare today’s challenges to a simple chicken and rice receipe, but I would like to highlight the fact that Difference is what makes us be ourselves, with our preferences and our way to see life. But can we say that “our way” is the best? Would we forget that there are other “ways” and that we may want to respect other’s “ways” instead of judging them? And see what we could learn from it?

While trully loving oneself, who we are, our strenghts… we can therefore accept others the way they are, with their strenghts and capacities. As no one “knows” everything, each and single person we meet can teach us something. It’s up to us to jump in 🙂

We can let oneselfe judge skin color, religious choices or country to “justify” words leading to misunderstanding, judgments, lack of communication and at the end… hate and division.

Or we may hug our neighboor and say we love him for who he is, and work together to create tomorrow’s society, our society, opened minded, strong, heatlhy… where everyone is loved and accepted as they are.

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