Soul Ferryman

Helping souls pass the veil is not a hard thing to do

Online course – 1h15 minutes – $90 (soon available)
Individual or group coaching – 2h-2h30 – $240 

Helping a lost soul find its way to the veil and fifth dimension is an incredible and fulfilling experience. Some of them have been wandering for years!

These so called “lost” souls tender to stick to Earth instead of passing the veil (the tunnel), profoundly tied to physical and emotional aspects of their life (family, remorses…).

Helping them through the “letting go” process gives them the little “oumph” they need in order to free themselves of all ties, and pass the veil in peace.


You're already a soul ferryman or want to start doing so? This class is for you!

This course includes: 

– History of the soul ferryman mission and the normal passing technique
– The evolution of the timeline and new available techniques
– Psychological patterns and emotional wounds frequently seen while working with lost souls
– Basic concepts of reincarnation (few people believe in the reincarnation process while alive, so they are lost once dead)
– Coaching tips to help them release all ties and move foward
– Real examples of successful lost soul coaching


Being a soul ferryman by mission vs will

You can either be a ferryman because you want to be so, or because this is part of your life path. In both case, you will help souls pass the veil, but a ferryman by mission may be more sollicited.

Soul ferryman by mission

Do you feel that souls always tend to gather close to you and try to get your attention?

You’re probably a ferryman “by mission”. Your soul has chosen this as part of its life path and your aura has a specific marker, recognised by souls kilometers aways!

This is therefore really important that you learn how to protect yourself and learn best coaching pratices, so you can realize your mission without being overwhelmed by it.

Soul ferryman by will

You feel you can help souls find their way and want to help ?

You can do the exact same work than a ferryman by mission: souls don’t care about “who helps them”, they just need help!

It may also be easier for you to settle down specific rules, your aura being free of the “ferryman” marker, you won’t attrack souls from far around if you don’t want to.