Protection against the invisible

How to protect yourself efficiently

Online course – 45 minutes – $60

The activation of the crown canal is a natural process in order for us to achieve the complete connexion to our soul. It opens the door on a wide sets of new perceptions and capacities, that may sometime be overwhelming. For many of us, it also gives us the capacity to interact and hear lost souls, people who died and did not passed the veil yet, that are in the need of help and that may disturb our attemps to connect to our soul and guides.

A good protection is the key to a wonderful experience with the invisible

This 1h virtual class will give you access to strong and efficient tools allowing you to:

–¬†Liberate yourself from a lost soul attached to your body
– Build a strong protective wall
– Develop the inner confidence and mental strenght required for the protection to be complete and strong

To be also covered:

– Sage, stones and incense efficacity
– The power of intention as the first and most powerful tool

You will love this class if:

– You just started your journey with the invisible and want to apply the best practices from the start
– You have clairsentience and want to learn how to cut off some of the feelings
– You want to protect yourself from lost souls
– You want to connect to your soul and guides on a secure channel
– You’re regularly dealing with lost souls and don’t know how to clean your house / have them go away