Emotional Ties

Feel the freedom of light-hearted pathways

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Our main pillars, ones to be our ground and reference for a lifetime, are usually established between 0 and 7 years old. They are the base of most of our adult patterns such as ones related to self-estime, self-confidence, creativity and free will.

Unfortunately, all traumas and fears are also ingrained in the body at the same age, leaving opened wounds that will affect our daily life all life long (traumas, fears of not being enough, fear of being rejected, duty feeling of being responsible for others’ actions, and so on).

Traveling in time in order to make ou inner child free

Using specific energy techniques, I am able to help you go back in time, up to specific moments
that still needs to be emotionnaly solved

As we go back in time, you soul helps me guide you towards the path,
allowing you to restore balance, respect and love

Healing the wound, so you can feel indescribable feelings of completion and peace

Your past do not hold on your present anymore
Your are free


Some examples of childhood wounds

As adults, we have the mental and emotional capacity to understand that many things can explan why someone did “this”, or said “that”. We can therefore draw a line and figure out what parts are under our responsability and what parts aren’t.

When we are a child, we do not have that maturity and capacity to separate ourselves from the events we face. Therefore, we are fully involed in any events to occur, and we tie ourself to it in an emotional way, making them our responsability (fights, violence, lack of love, abuses), making them OUR responsability, holding on to them then, for a lifetime.

Here a some examples of remotional ties: 

– As his dad don’t show up to his birthday, a young boy declares (unconciouscly) that it’s because his father don’t love him. By the age or 40, he is still looking for that love, unable to stay alone, but unable to be in a healthy relationship either, always looking for its partner to fill up this love emptyness.

– Aware of his father disgus for sound and chatters while driving, a young boy feels responsible to make sure his young sister stays calm. Now adult, the grown up men suffer of deep anxiety and always feel responsible for others actions and words.

Our childhood traumas and wounds, even if they feel stuck “in the past”, shape our daily life in an unexpected way.

I can help you solve them and be finally totally free