Overcoming the ego

How to masterize our thoughts

In person or by phone – 1h – $120

Ego is this little black sheep in our head that wants to controle everything and be right about everything.

It’s the voice that makes us feel smaller and unworthy OR, better than others. It’s the voice that says “You’re not capable” OR, “You’re right, he’s wrong”. That’s also the voice that request excuses and “justice”, but being himself quite never ready to apologize, forgive or move forward.

The ego helps the soul to live meaningful incarnations, but it’s only a tool, not the King. 

First step is to admit that the ego exists, and that it (most of the time) rules our thoughts. Second but not least, is to recognize when it shows up, and to stop it, allowing compassion, kindness and love to step forward.

But the ego is wise and subtle. Thus, it may be useful to be helped and guided by someone experimented, in order to better detect it. My deep knowledge of all ego types (see blog article) allows me to help you better understand how it works, and how you can defeat it.

Overcoming our ego allows us to express the infinite source of love and compassion our soul holds.
It means we can now be who we really are