Lightarian Rays

Following the path of El Morya, ascended master

By phone – 30 minutes – $60

Lightarians rays are a groupe of 6 different energy frequencies disolving past and negative emotional schemes hiden in the auric body.

Each ray works on different paths and schemes (birth ties, attachement, etc.), allowing you to complete a global clensing once you have completed all 6 lightarian rays.

All sessions are held with the help of ascended master El Morya.

Ray 1

Path Clearing

Help release interwoven fabric of limiting programs, restrictive belief structures and their associated adverse stored energies.

Ray 2

Birth Pattern Removal

Allow you to release residues of birth-patterns, parent’s imprints and environmental influences gathered through pregnancy.

Ray 3

Template Clearing

Allow you to release patterns of distortion in the etheric body, the closest auric layer to your physical body (so called the “double”).

Ray 4

Attachment Removal

Helps you release unconscious patterns of behavior, response and addiction towards people, objects, places or structures.

Ray 5

Lineage Clearing

Healing of various energies imbalances, mis-alignments and subtle adverse belief structures affecting your whole being.

Ray 6

Veil Removal

Removal of the veil keeping you away from your truself, allowing you to become aware and mindful of your true being.