Family Constellation

A path to break free from negative family ties

In person – 1h30 – $150

Do you feel you’re living the same patterns or stories again and again or strange ties binding you to your parents?

Past lives relationships, childhood traumas or ancestral ties influence our daily lives, tying us with uncounscious schemes of superiority/inferiority, hate, regrets, disgust or profound need of amends toward people that surrounds us.

This is even truer within families, as parents may not “update” their vision of their children as they growth up from child to adult and keep going on the same negative paths. On their side, children try to emancipate but fail to do so without strong opposition, as they face traumas, fears (not being enough, not being loved nor accepted as they are, …), or the uncounscious need to succeed where a parents failed.

Something inside calls us to run away…
To a place we can trully be ourselves, free of any past and duties


Family constellation: an effective way to break all ties

Using symbols and accessories, we succeed to enlight negative patterns and ties. Working along with every souls involved, we are creating a “safe space” where souls can finally heal their wounds and nuture respect and space for each other, allowing all negative schemes to fade and disapear.

Family constellation is therefore liberating both the humans and the souls involved in the released schemes.