Why taking baby steps?

Why taking baby steps?

Why taking baby steps?

What is the easiest mount to climb? The Everest of the Mount Washington?

The answer depends on how you approch both of them.

People expecting to climb the Everest will take much more time to prepare. They know they need physical and mental preparation, that they need to practice on smaller mounts, that they will need specialized equipment and that emergencies must be anticipated, visualized and that they must know exactly how to react and what to do if that case happens. They know that preparation is the clue.

On another hand, people expecting to climb the Mount Washington may view the journey as a way more easier plan. Thus, people in good shape may be confident enough to reach the top with ease, that they won’t take time to really prepare. They are used to climb mounts, this one is just a little bigger.

Unfortunatly, the ones climbing the Mount Washington without preparation may face the wall way faster than the ones climbing the Everest, because they took a bigger chunck that what they were really ready for. And who do you think will be the more disapointed? The one with no preparation.


Baby steps when it comes to fears

Facing your fears relies to the same process than climbing a mountain. If you are afraid when surrounded by people, and that you jump in a 400 people crowd event, chances are that you will panic and will regress in your process to overcome that feeling. You may want to start with small meeting, like a « Meet-up » meeting at some coffee shop, or at some friends houses. You need also to prepare yourself : how may you react? What may you feel? What would be the triggers?

Keep focus on one thing at the time, and make baby steps, one further than the previous one, looking forward to growth inside, feeling more freedom.

As T. Harv Eker said on a webinar, set yourself for success. It doesn’t matter if the step is so small that it doesn’t looks as a step : it will be easier to achieve, and this way you will have the feeling of going foward, you will feel you’ve made something different, you will build the confidence that, as Obama’s said, « Yes we can »… Yes YOU can!


My own baby steps

I am no different. I have been many time told as a « fearless » person… but damn… no one knows how many fears I got! But I’ve learned to manage them, so I can keep going even if I’m walking with my fears allong myself.

Let’s take this post for example. It’s my first one. My first blog about how to learn to manage fears, how to better understand how they affect ourselves in our day-to-day life, and how to change so we can live in a free mind and body. Doing so, I expose myself to critics and critics and jugements. I expose my knowledge to analyse and comments. I expose my innerself and beliefs to others opinions and beliefs. What if you don’t like what I’m writing? Maybe you won’t like my pictures choices? What if you say it’s wrong? What if I’m wrong? (because no one is perfect). And then I feel fear, about all this.

But as I did in my early age to learn to walk, I’m making baby steps to learn to expose my thoughts and my knowledge, in the belief that it will helps other like me to move forward in their lives and get rid of their past.

As writing this first post, I expose myself in the most honest way, so I can build my confidence, and start this journey with you, for you.

My goal is not to climb the Everest, but it’s not less important. My goal is to be able to teach you 30 years of experience about fear management, so you can apply it in your own life, achieve your goals and live in a free mind and body.


Are you ready for this journey?



Catherine Blanchette-Dallaire, alias Farendole


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